Steel Blades

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Shear Blades

Guillotine Knives for Shearing machines for metal sheet cutting process. TFI Co. Produces the Best Shear Blades with Best Choice of Alloy steels such as Böhler™

  • K720,
  • W100, W302,
  • K110 (X155CrVMo12)

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Press Brake Tools

Press Brake Tools for Bending Metal Sheets with Accurate Machining of the clamping suitable for

  • Japanese Standard Machines
  • American Standard Machines
  • European Standard Machines
  • Turkish Machines
  • Chinese Machines

Select your machine type and Choose the body type of your tools, which material to be bended and the capacity of your machine

Circular Blades

Circular Rotatory Blades for Cutting Metal Industry made by TFI Co. for following industries:

  • Metal Slitter Knives 
  • Circular Saw Blades
  • Tungsten Carbide Saw Blades

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Comb Blades & Food Industry

Food Industry Packaging Knives and Machine Blades made by TFI Co. :

  • Comb Blades
  • Zig Zag Knives
  • Counter Zig Zag Blades
  • Bread Slicing Blades


Carton Slitter Knives

Steel Blades for Corrugated Packaging Carton Industry, Manufacturing Carton Boxes and Wrapping Papers would be more efficient with TFI Co. Machine Blades.

  • Corrugated Boxes Slitter
  • Paper Converting Trimmer
  • Sheeter Machineries Blades